About Us

Gabay Customs and Transport Agents is a customs brokerage company specializing in all spheres related to importing, exporting, international dispatches and insurance etc. The company has accumulated a great deal of experience during more than 35 years of professional activity. The company's skilled professional personnel are proficient with the customs law and master the array of customs tariffs, import laws and the government's working practice in all relevant fields. We are directly connected to the customs' computerized system, which means that we can ensure rapid, reliable and efficient services to all our clients. We have the honor and privilege of providing you with a review of the diverse services that our company provides its clients, while stressing those that we offer exclusively.



A. Aerial and Marine International Dispatching

We offer dispatch services to all destination in the world by exploiting the knowledge, connections and arrangements that we have with various bodies connected with executing the process optimally.


B. Releasing and Exporting Personal Items, including Packing

We are set up to offer our clients a comprehensive service, commencing with the packing stage through haulage, filling in forms, obtaining permits to dispatching or releasing the cargo.


C. Releasing Mail Packages from Customs in Jerusalem

A common means of dispatching is making use of postal services for sending packages. Reference is to a service that is sometimes urgent and immediate for the clients. We are set up to provide the release services efficiently and reliably.


D. Release and Haulage of Cargo from Haifa, Ashdod and Ben Gurion International Airport


E. Supplementary Services

The import and export process is subject to the provision of supplementary services in accordance with the clients' needs. This company is organized to provide these services, for example:


1. Marine, aerial, property insurance

2. Hauling the merchandise from the client to the dispatch site and, vise versa, from the release site to the client

3. Obtaining governmental permits such as: import and export licenses, and special  permits from all government offices

4. Packing the equipment and cargo efficiently in order to ensure the perfection of  the equipment


Apart from our experience in the customs brokerage field, we would like to stress our companies unique advantages:


A. Jerusalem is the administrative/governmental center of the state institutions. The  government's economic bureaus, the customs and excise branch and the postal  authority etc. are all located in Jerusalem. We are highly familiar with all the  existing arrangements and are competent to perform the necessary arrangements  efficiently. Doubtlessly, clients can benefit from our services in order to avoid  inconvenience and save valuable time.

B. Jerusalem is the bridge between the Israeli and Palestinian Autonomy's  economies. The economic activity that will develop in the region will deepen the  reciprocal relationship between Israelis and Palestinians and may even open up  new opportunities. Our company has knowledge, renown and vast experience with  commercial entities on the West Bank. We are well versed in Arabic. The services  we offer could be of tremendous assistance to entities who wish to develop and  deepen their commercial ties on the West Bank.


Service and prices – we place an excellent level of services at our clients' disposal from a number of aspects: the quality of the services, maintaining confidentiality, protection of the client's property and completing tasks in double quick time. Furthermore the cost of the service we offer to our clients is reasonable, fair and competitive. Of course, all consultations are offered free of charge.


In conclusion, it would give us great pleasure to meet you in order to introduce our company and examine the possibility of an engagement between us together.

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